Sunday, March 1, 2015

Annnnnnnnnd Six Months Later.....

Well it's been six months....but I'm alive and well. Just very busy with school and such. There's two months until I'm a SENIOR, which is utterly terrifying. College, scholarships, and the like.

Anyway I will give you all a quick summary of the past six months:

I started school in August and I believe my last post was written on my second day of school (wow, it's been a while..). Anyway, my journalism teacher gave me the position of editor for our newspaper, I covered the entire football season for a local newspaper that was lacking a photographer, a new editor was hired for said newspaper, I got to know her and I now may be very close to obtaining to a freelance position. I joined NHS and I took the ACT in December and my score was only two points away from my goal score (yay). I covered the majority of the basketball season that just ended two days ago. I joined speech & debate, and I managed to get fourth place at my very first tournament.

I also managed to get on the 2015 WJMC Youth Advisory Board so I guess you could say I kind of help plan the conference (maybe?). And to top it all off, I started teaching myself fran├žais.

Well I think that's about it. The past six months have gone by so fast.

I'm going to New Orleans this summer so there will be new pictures to post. Until then, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Just live life I suppose.

Happy March! Salut!