Thursday, May 22, 2014

From Photographer to Director

Hey, everyone! I have some fun news to tell you.

We have been reading Julius Caesar in my English class, and now that we are finished, we get to do a project. Now, most groups have no idea what they're going to do for said project, but Lakin and I have been planning this for almost two weeks. We know exactly what we're going to do.

I have been promoted from photographer to director for the time being while we work on this project. I'm pretty excited about it. Technically, Lakin's boyfriend will be filming it, but I'll be telling him what to do, so you know.

My biology teacher agreed to star in our project and we just filmed the first scene today. And now I present to you one of the greatest photos ever:

And yes, that is a screen cap from the clip. My teacher is supposed to be Sulla (the dictator of Rome before Caesar) and Jacob is Caesar.

Well, I don't have anything more to tell you about. I just thought I would write a short post to keep you updated on what's happening in my life. Adios!

-There are 52 days until WJMC-

Sunday, May 11, 2014

KC Chiefs and a Broken Vehicle Named Bernadette

Bonjour everyone! I have loads to write about!

An organization in my town, called the Lighthouse Children's Theater, sponsors a gala each year. Each year, they get someone "famous" to come and speak, and this year KC Chief Hall of Famers Nick Lowery and Christian Okoye were the speakers. I loved getting to meet them and chat with them. They even let me take selfies with them!

Bad iPhone photo of me and Nick Lowery.
Bad iPhone photo of me and Christian Okoye
After the gala, my best friend and I decided to go get some ice cream, and we invited someone else along because we were feeling generous after listening to Nick and Christian speak. We get to Sonic and we're sitting there talking and having fun, and after our ice cream comes out, I say to my car, "Oh Bernadette, you're not big enough for all of my stuff," and my other friend goes "Oh, now she's not going to work anymore." AND I KID YOU NOT, MY CAR DID NOT START WHEN WE GOT READY TO LEAVE.

It refused to start and Lakin (the best friend) had to call her brother at 11:30 to come look at my car. And at this point, I'm freaking out because my car is only four years old and it has never done that before. Then her brother and his friends (that also work on cars) get there, and after they hear the noise my car was making, they just said, "Wow, we don't know." They don't know? THEY DON'T KNOW?!

At this point, I'm freaking out even more because I figured I was going to have to leave my poor Bernadette at Sonic overnight and she could potentially get graffitied on or worse. So I just said "Well.....can't you jump it?" 
"We don't have any cables."

Right then, I started praising the Lord because my grandpa bought me jumper cables for Christmas just in case I needed them. HALLELUJAH. So I just kind of shout, "I HAVE CABLES." But then, the cables weren't long enough to reach from his car to my car, and all hope I had of saving my vehicle was crushed "like a grape" (as Flynn Rider would say). 

Then her brother is like, "Hey, I'll just maneuver my car closer," and I don't know if you've ever been to Sonic, but if you have then you know that could be potentially dangerous because the order things are IN THE WAY.

If you've never been to a Sonic, this is what they generally look like.
So he maneuvers the car in without hitting the pole or my car, and they successfully attach the cables and my car came back to life. YAY. As soon as I got back into my car, I just said, "Okay Bernadette, never EVER do that again." And then I successfully took my friends home and got myself back home without Bernie dying on me again.

So that's the end of my story, and I really must go to bed, or I won't be able to wake up for church in the morning. Au revoir!

-There are 64 days to WJMC-

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sonic Screwdriver!

Hello, hello! I got my sonic today!

I was going to take a great posed picture, but I didn't feel like asking my dad to take it for me, so this is the best (bad iPhone) photo I have. Isn't it a beauty though?
I'm really good at spending all of my money in less than 45 minutes, because the first store I went to was Hot Topic to get my sonic. And then I went to American Eagle (and I always get in trouble when I go to's my favorite store) and they were having a sale on tops. It was buy one get one for $10! I couldn't pass that up. And that's the story of how I spent $60 in less than 45 minutes on a sonic screwdriver and two tops.

I'm entirely changing the subject here, but I feel that I need to share my mother's milestone with you. Oh, she is going to hate me for this. But that's okay because she doesn't read this blog. She doesn't even know what a blog is.

If you're a fan of Coldplay, or you watch SNL weekly, then you will know that Coldplay is on SNL tonight. My mom texted me and told me this information (which I already knew because I love Coldplay and SNL). And right after, she texted me this:

Oh, my mother, what a character! She has officially crossed the void and is now a fangirl. I would have to agree though, have you looked at Chris Martin? He is a beautiful human specimen. Just look into his gorgeous blue eyes and tell me otherwise, you just try it.

I'm waiting for her to start fangirling over Matt or Benedict so that I can really join in with her.

If you have a Twitter and you want go follow me so you can read my great tweets everyday, you can do that with this handy link I have provided. I will give you a fair warning, I happen to tweet a lot. Like multiple times a day. Because I get bored and I have a lot to say. But it's okay because Sherlock season 4 won't come out for another year and a half (*violently sobs*) so it won't as bad as it was back in January aka when people at my school I didn't even know were following me told me I needed to cool it on Twitter because I tweet too much about this "Sherlock crap" (which was very insulting, but that's why I don't pay attention to those people).

So if you want to follow me, cool, if not, don't come back.

Nah, I'm kidding. I really don't care if you want to follow me or not. That's your own decision to make.

I'm currently watching "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" so I will leave you now so I can finish it and go to bed at a "decent" time (aka before 3 AM).

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Harry Potter and Doctor Who Post

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and I didn't even know that until I got home from school. And guess what shirt I had been wearing all day? My Hogwarts shirt! My subconscious knew that today was the day the Battle of Hogwarts happened I guess.

I'm planning on starting Asylum of the Daleks tonight. Or tomorrow. But at some point this weekend I WILL start season 7. I'm really not ready for Peter to take over.

I'm extremely excited about getting 11's sonic screwdriver tomorrow. I'll make sure and post a photo of it tomorrow.

Totally new subject, but I ordered this adorable outfit from Forever 21 yesterday (sans the shoes):

Isn't it the cutest? I can't wait for it to get to my house!

Back on the topic of Doctor Who, I've recently obtained the greatest text tone in the history of man. Here's a hint: IT'S THE TARDIS. Okay, that wasn't really a hint, but you know. I'm hoping one of these days, my phone will go off in public, and a complete stranger will start freaking out because they're hearing the TARDIS. Seriously, how hilarious would that be?

Last night, someone texted me and my when phone went off, my mom started freaking out because she doesn't know what the TARDIS is, so she just heard this really weird wheezing noise. It made my entire night.

This is probably the most scatterbrained post I have ever written so far. Oops.

P.S. Good luck to my journalism teacher tomorrow during her FIRST 5K RACE. She's been training since January and she's lost A LOT of weight, and now her race is finally here. I'm so excited for her.

-There are 72 days until WJMC-

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Two down, two to go! Hallelujah! I completed biology and geometry today, and to my great surprise, they weren't all that hard. Hopefully I got good scores on them. I have tomorrow off (thank goodness), and I have American History on Monday and English on Tuesday.

The one I am most afraid of is history because I have barely retained any information from that class the entire year. You see, my teacher is somewhat monotone, and it's sometimes very hard to pay attention. So, uh, we'll see how it goes Monday. I'm going to my dad's this weekend, and he's pretty good with this history stuff, so I might make him tutor me.

In other news, my friends pressured me into trying out for show choir again for next year and I made it so yay. I have to go talk to my counselor and see if I can even go through with doing it now. But I sang "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Misérables, and I was doing a pretty good job until I got to the "shame" part and my voice cracked because I was nervous and trying not to change into my head voice. Hashtag soprano probs.

I get to go to the mall this weekend (YES) and guess what I'll be spending my photography pay on? 11's sonic screwdriver! I'm really excited. I love him a lot. I love Matt in general a lot. Also, I get to eat at CHICK-FIL-A aka: the greatest place ever. Oh, I am so excited, I have been craving Chick-fil-A for a month or more.

I have no photography/journalism news for you today. This blog has gone from being strictly about journalism to a blog that's basically about my life until I go to the conference. Then it will strictly be about journalism for five whole days.

I think that's about it from me today. I really need the weekend to get here.

-There are 73 days until WJMC-