Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This Is A Totally Random Post (so random, it doesn't even deserve a title)

I just want to show off my awesome new phone case my dad got me because it is beautiful.

Bad webcam photo, woop! My poor forehead got cut off.

Fun fact: This was taken seconds before I had to sprint back to my room and rip my contacts out of my eyes because I suddenly couldn't see. And now I am rocking my "intellectual" glasses.

And because now you're probably wondering, "Wow, I wonder what she looks like in her glasses.." and because I want to make this post longer for my own satisfaction, here you are:

I look like I should go do science experiments or something.

Okay this is probably my most conceited post yet, and I'm really sorry. I'm really not conceited at all.

Alright, I'm done now. Have a fantastic last day of April. 

P.S. HAPPY TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY TO MEAN GIRLS. Make sure you wear pink tomorrow!

-There are 75 days until WJMC-

Monday, April 28, 2014


It has been brought to my attention that I have not one, but TWO exams on Thursday. Yaaaaay. *manic laughter* *dramatic crying*

And my flight number has been changed, which makes extra work for me because now I have to go change it on my page for WJMC. This is nearly impossible at the moment because my internet is slower than a seven year itch.

Anyway, now that I'm done complaining about my problems, I shall go attempt to start Doctor Who season 7 even though I don't really want to because I don't want Matt to leave.

And just for giggles, here's a couple of pictures of my best friend's boyfriend gettin' it on the dance floor at prom:

And yes, he was the only one out there.

P.S. Happy half birthday to me and Matt Smith. Six months until I'm 17 and he's 32!

-There are 76 days until WJMC-

Sunday, April 27, 2014


Hello, hello everyone! Prom was last night (side note: I didn't go to sleep until 4 AM ughhh) and I had a great time photographing it!

Look at my cute little best friend and her boyfriend!
Bad iPhone photo of us (I had to stand on my tiptoes because her darn heels were so tall).
And a picture of me with my prom date (bad Instagram filter photo).
Also, happy Sweet Sixteen to one of my other friends so she can have her photo on here too!

Anyway, I have about 300 more pictures I could share, but I won't do that to you. Have a great rest of your night/day.

-There are 77 days until WJMC-

Thursday, April 24, 2014

I Don't Know What To Put Here

Alright, since I have absolutely nothing to write about (even my title doesn't have a title), I'm just going to post a picture of me and my friends.

Awwww, look at us! And yes, this is in fact a bad iPhone photo....with a twist. It's also a bad Instagram filter photo because I like to mix things up.

P.S. The blonde girl on the end is my best friend in the world (refer to number 17 on my past blog post from March). And the blonde guy is my best guy friend.

Funny story about the girl next to me. She and I became friends during practice for the fall play one evening a couple weeks after my boyfriend and I broke up. I was really really sad, and having a hard time because he was there too, and she saw me and came over and just started talking to me. And her first words that she ever spoke to me? "Hey, you look really sad. You wanna hear a funny story about my drunk dad?" And after that one sentence, we became friends. I'm seriously going to miss her so much after she graduates this year.

But yeah, Lakin (the blonde) and I have been best friends since fifth grade, and I love her to death. We're already planning a huge road trip after we graduate, and it's going to be great! It's funny because we're actually second cousins, but we had hardly given each other the time of day until fifth grade. But hey, you know what they say, every brunette needs a blonde best friend!

Anyway, so that's the end of that. I just felt like writing something other than my update that I posted earlier. I'm just in a writing mood, I guess.

Well, I must be going because it's after 10:00 and I really need to start going to sleep before midnight on school nights even though we only have 35 days left of school.

-There are 80 days until WJMC-


Quick update before I begin my mountain of homework.

Not only am I going to take photos at the pre-prom dinner, I also got a free ticket/press pass into prom so I can take photos there too! So in a way, I'm going to prom, I'm just not getting dressed up or going with a boy...

Anyway, so that's it. I really must start my biology/geometry. *cries*

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Makin' Money

Hey everyone! I guess people around my town are realizing that I don't just take sports photos; I have another job this weekend! Since I'm only a sophomore, and no junior/senior boys like me enough to ask me to prom, I'm going to be taking photos at a pre-prom dinner that my school is putting on. I'm pretty excited.

I finished my Daddy Daughter Evening photos and just got paid today, so I'm feeling pretty great. I just really like doing these photography jobs.

My end of course exams start NEXT WEEK. Someone hold me while I dramatically sob. All of my teachers are cramming information in my head because all the snow days we had put us about two weeks behind. In history, I've managed to learn about the 50s and 60s in two days. It's insane. And because everyone in my journalism class has done some major procrastinating (myself included) I am now writing a senior article a day. So in short, I have mountains and mountains of homework every night and my writing "juices" are running low.

The only class where my teacher doesn't seem too concerned about EOCs is English, because the English EOCs are pretty much always the same. English is my relaxation class. We've just finished watching the movie "Julius Caesar" which kind of leads up to where Shakespeare's play begins. And I'm really sad because for the entire movie, I was hoping that when we start reading, I could play Julia. But *SPOILER ALERT* SHE DIES! I'm really upset about it. I really liked Pompey too (if you're going to be learning about Julius Caesar and you don't want spoilers, you should probably just skip the end of this sentence), but the Egyptians chopped off his head (I honestly have no idea if that's historically accurate, so if you study ancient Roman history, don't complain to me if the movie got it wrong). Anyway, we're only on Act I Scene II, so we've still got a while to go until we're finished with the play.

Speaking of Shakespeare, today is his 450th birthday! But it's also his death day, so I don't really know what to say about that.

Here's the short summary of my life at the moment if you didn't want to read all of my rambling above: homework, photography, homework, journalism, homework, and Julius Caesar.

-There are 81 days until WJMC-

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bad iPhone Photo Updates

Hey guys! It's late, but I just finished writing my articles for the senior edition newspaper that my school hands out at graduation. So I thought I would come over and show you my fancy WJMC shirt that came in the mail today featuring a bad iPhone photo (the term "bad iPhone photo" gets more and more appealing to me the more I use it on this blog...I think it's an official "segment" of my blog, if you will):

I think my favorite thing about it, other than it's my "official" t-shirt is that it's TARDIS blue, which means it reminds me of the Doctor AND it matches my car (aka Bernadette).

Okay, well that's it from me tonight since it's almost midnight on a school night. Happy almost Good Friday!

P.S. It's also almost David Tennant's birthday where I'm at, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!

-There are 87 days to WJMC-

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Three Months! And Other Things About Disney/Doctor Who

Today marks THREE MONTHS until WJMC! I'm so excited!

Today is also my dad's birthday, so happy birthday to him.

As you all know, I took photos at the daddy daughter evening last night, and it was so much fun. It made me nostalgic because my dad and I went to something like that when I was little. All the little girls were so cute, and they had so much fun dancing and playing games with their dads. It made my entire night!

Anyway, on a completely different note, my mom let me buy "Beauty and the Beast" tonight. I adore Disney. And because of this, Be Our Guest is stuck in my head.

On another totally different note, I finished season 6 of Doctor Who, and that means I only have one more season with Matt (who is, by the way, my favorite Doctor). I might cry just thinking about it.

I'm ordering my class ring Tuesday, which is insane to think about because it feels like just yesterday that I was in eighth grade. 

Well, I think that's it from me tonight. Until next time!

-There are 90 days until WJMC-

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Post About My Excitement and Geeky-ness

Okay, this has absolutely nothing to do with journalism, but I just wanted to show you my car's new "tattoos." Yes, I am odd and call car decals "tattoos" but honestly, that's kind of what they are.

So here is my car, with it's cosmetic improvements, featuring my new segment (because it's becoming a pretty common thing on this blog), bad iPhone photos:

Just a quite side note: I quite like that my car is TARDIS blue, and I now have a Doctor Who sticker to go with it.

And now I must do my homework because I have neglected to do any of it over the weekend.

-There are 98 days to WJMC-

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Makeover: Blog Edition

I changed my blog title, and now it's pretty! It got a much needed makeover.

Since I have no more to write on that topic, that makes this post's title a little bit misleading. Oh well, I have no shame.

In other news, I got a new follower! I really appreciate the people that take the time out of their day to read my blog.

And because this post is basically just me rambling about things that aren't even related to journalism, I might as well keep going. I have eight weeks of school left, which means I'm almost a junior, which means I'm almost half way done with my high school career. Whaaaat? Freshman year feels like yesterday, so this is pretty weird for me. I have end of course exams coming up so this is just my two weeks notice that I may not be writing very much during those couple of weeks.

Since this was the topic of a lot of my blog posts back in March, and posting bad iPhone photos is one of my specialties, here's a picture of me in the really amazing Class 3 State Champions shirts that just came in this week:

I am now no longer in the triple digits on my countdown to WJMC! It's so close, I'm so excited.

-There are 99 days until WJMC-

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Updates Cont.

To start things off, I took a picture of the Journalism board from the "Good Stuff" celebration I wrote about in my last blog post.

Bad iPhone photo, I know.
So anyway, that's pretty fun.

In other news, I went to a solo/ensemble competition yesterday and I got a 1 on my solo, so woo! While we're on the subject of choir, I also came up with the greatest show choir show ever. I want my teacher to make it happen even though I won't be in choir next year. It goes a little something like this:
Opener: "The Circle of Life" - The Lion King
"Be Our Guest" - Beauty and the Beast
Girls Feature: "Part of Your World" - The Little Mermaid
Boys Feature: "I'll Make A Man Out of You" - Mulan
Ballad: "A Whole New World" - Aladdin
Closer: "Hakuna Matata" - The Lion King

And in case you couldn't tell, that show is Disney themed, because honestly. who doesn't love Disney? They would win so many awards. I would be doing my choir a favor. But my teacher won't use it, so it really doesn't matter.

Well, I think that's all from me today. I have a ton of homework to catch up on and it's already almost 6:00, so wish me luck. I'm really tired.

-There are 101 days until WJMC-