Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Alas, Sherlock got the best of me Sunday and I didn't get my scholarship application sent out. No worries though, because I got it all faxed to the college yesterday. Progress! I'll find out if I receive a scholarship on 24 January, so wish me luck.

This is an extremely short blog post, but I really have nothing else to write. I'm still in shock from the series finale Sunday. So basically, if I don't stop writing soon, this blog post that is supposed to be journalism related will soon turn into Sherlock. Hooray for keeping this post short and sweet. I must now bid you goodbye.


  1. Hey, True Sherlockian here, and may I say, I absolutely love you?! I love photography, I've been studying it and I hope to be a photographer someday. And I love geeky things! Sherlock, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Avengers, Sherlock, so I think you're awesome! And I know you will become a BRILLIANT photojournalist.