Friday, May 2, 2014

Harry Potter and Doctor Who Post

Today is the sixteenth anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts and I didn't even know that until I got home from school. And guess what shirt I had been wearing all day? My Hogwarts shirt! My subconscious knew that today was the day the Battle of Hogwarts happened I guess.

I'm planning on starting Asylum of the Daleks tonight. Or tomorrow. But at some point this weekend I WILL start season 7. I'm really not ready for Peter to take over.

I'm extremely excited about getting 11's sonic screwdriver tomorrow. I'll make sure and post a photo of it tomorrow.

Totally new subject, but I ordered this adorable outfit from Forever 21 yesterday (sans the shoes):

Isn't it the cutest? I can't wait for it to get to my house!

Back on the topic of Doctor Who, I've recently obtained the greatest text tone in the history of man. Here's a hint: IT'S THE TARDIS. Okay, that wasn't really a hint, but you know. I'm hoping one of these days, my phone will go off in public, and a complete stranger will start freaking out because they're hearing the TARDIS. Seriously, how hilarious would that be?

Last night, someone texted me and my when phone went off, my mom started freaking out because she doesn't know what the TARDIS is, so she just heard this really weird wheezing noise. It made my entire night.

This is probably the most scatterbrained post I have ever written so far. Oops.

P.S. Good luck to my journalism teacher tomorrow during her FIRST 5K RACE. She's been training since January and she's lost A LOT of weight, and now her race is finally here. I'm so excited for her.

-There are 72 days until WJMC-


  1. I am so horribly jealous of your ringtone. Where did you get it????? I MUST HAVE!!

    I was walking around a store earlier, and saw a girl wearing a TARDIS T-shirt. She and I were best friends immediately!

    1. I bought it off the iTunes store! And I love meeting fellow Whovians in public places!