Thursday, June 26, 2014

Late Night (Early Morning?) Update

It's five. Freaking. In. The. Morning. So why not write this lovely little post! I have yet to go to sleep and my mind is running, so I guess I should write some stuff.

Honestly, my one and only reason for this post is so I can show off the book my dad got me.

Keep in mind it's five in the morning so clearly I do not look my best. Seriously though, the inside is a beautiful treasure chest of helpful tips (I don't even know where 'treasure chest' came from. I'm tired, okay?)

It's amaaaaaaaazing.

I also bought this little guy (aka Raj, after Jasmine's tiger from Aladdin) to help save the tigers. It was only ten dollars, but every little bit helps!

Alrightly then, I suppose I should go get some shut eye because I have to wake up at ten and at this rate, I'm only going to get five hours of sleep.

Adjรถ (Swedish goodbye in honor of PewDiePie, my current YouTuber obsession) everyone!

-There are 18 days until WJMC-

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  1. Yeah, I've been going on a binge of Pewdiepie, I highly suggest you check out Scribble Netty's animations of him doing Master Surgeon. It's fricken hilarious.