Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Updates & Whatnot

Well WJMC is in less than a month. Where has the time gone?

I finally finally found the reading list and I just bought one of the two non-political (because I dislike politics) books yesterday.

I'm only on page eighteen and it's pretty meh but at least it's not terrible (I really don't like non-fiction books..). My dad made me a deal that as soon as I finish this book, he'll buy me The Game of Thrones so I have a goal to aim for.

In other news, my dad's fiancé is getting me a kitten and we decided to name her Hazel. Which means I'll probably be calling her Hazel Grace a lot because TFIOS is my favorite.

Speaking of TFIOS, that movie was perfection. And you're thinking about going to see the movie, but you haven't read the book yet, READ THE BOOK FIRST OR WE CANNOT BE FRIENDS. That is all.

I took a picture of the Gateway Arch Monday.

That's the only photo I took because I started feeling really sick and I had to go back to the hotel to rest before the STL Cardinals game that night. Which, I might add, THEY WON. Because St. Louis is the best.

Also, I'm currently watching a lot of That 70's Show because it's really the only American show I actually enjoy.

So yeah, my life is currently not that interesting, but I'm going on "vacation" to Branson next week for the 16th year in a row (P.S. That's my age. My mom's side of the family doesn't travel too far). And I'm trying to get a job because I would like money of my own so I can stop asking my parents.

Until next time, people of the internet.

-There are 25 days until WJMC-


  1. Wow, time has flied hasn't it. I'm going to be heading out to Seattle soon, about the same time as WJMC!

    1. I've never been to Seattle! Hope you have a good time!