Saturday, June 28, 2014

Math, Doctor Who, and a Twitter Rant

Hello, hello! It's another day closer to WJMC!

We got sorted into color groups yesterday, and I am especially excited because my advisor is a Cubs fan. I am a Cardinals fan. Now if you're not familiar with the world of baseball, let me explain: the Cubs are in Chicago. The Cardinals are in St. Louis. So they are kind of neighbors. As most sports fans know, neighbors are the mortal enemy. Now, you may be saying "Why are you so excited if he's a fan of the 'bad guys?'" Because well....*ahem* the Cards are better. Not being bias, just pointing out the facts. So I'm pretty excited to have a discussion over baseball with this guy. (P.S. I'm sorry if you're a Cubs fan, really I am. Please don't hate me.)

So that required book I wrote about a couple posts ago..? I've barely read any of it. I wanted to see how far I was so I did some math. There are 217 pages total in the book. I'm on page 38. So I took 38/217...

And I learned that I am only 17.5% finished with my book...yay? This is going to be a while...

Then I figured how many pages I'll have to read each day leading up until the conference (16 days)...

Eleven pages a day? Eleven? Uggggghhhhhhhhh.... (Or 11.2 if you want to be a little more exact, but how in the world would you read '.2' pages?)

There you go, now you don't have to go to math lesson today, because you just got one! You're welcome.

If you've read the majority of my blog, you know that I love Doctor Who (and Sherlock but Hot Topic has very little Sherlock merchandise). And I thought I would show you the great stuff I bought yesterday.

They're perfect! I am so excited. I bought the lanyard so I can wear my press pass in style at WJMC. I bought the phone case because....why not, it's the TARDIS!

I got on Twitter on my computer for the first time in forever today and this is what I saw:

Twitter what are you doing? Why do you look like Facebook? I don't like Facebook. This isn't cool. You cut Matt's face off. Not cool either. You shouldn't do that to someone as beautiful as him. It's not fair. Why, Twitter, why?

This whole post is me talking/ranting about random stuff. Sorry (but I'm really not..).

Okay, I'm going to end this here because this is getting really long. I hope you enjoyed your math lesson, looking at my Doctor Who stuff, and reading my rant about Twitter's apparent new layout. Have a great day (or not the choice is yours..honestly you'll only get that joke if you went to my middle school).

I'm going to go read my eleven pages now..

-There are 16 days until WJMC-


  1. The Doctor's face has been cut off. The DOCTOR'S face has be--