Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bad iPhone Photo Updates

Hey guys! It's late, but I just finished writing my articles for the senior edition newspaper that my school hands out at graduation. So I thought I would come over and show you my fancy WJMC shirt that came in the mail today featuring a bad iPhone photo (the term "bad iPhone photo" gets more and more appealing to me the more I use it on this blog...I think it's an official "segment" of my blog, if you will):

I think my favorite thing about it, other than it's my "official" t-shirt is that it's TARDIS blue, which means it reminds me of the Doctor AND it matches my car (aka Bernadette).

Okay, well that's it from me tonight since it's almost midnight on a school night. Happy almost Good Friday!

P.S. It's also almost David Tennant's birthday where I'm at, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!

-There are 87 days to WJMC-

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