Saturday, March 8, 2014

Breaking the Rules Again (Because I Liked It The First Time)

I feel like I should keep posting things even though I'm lacking any updates on the conference, which is the soul purpose of this blog. I mean, I might as well strengthen my writing skills, right? That's still journalistic. Yes, we'll go with that.

Well, I talked about books in my last post, and I've already covered my favorite TV shows in my very first post, so maybe I'll talk music tonight. I'm just letting you guys get a better idea of who I am, other than a scatterbrained photographer.

Unsurprisingly, most of my favorite bands are British. I don't know how that happened, I just really like alternative music, and it just so happens that a lot of alternative bands are British. The very first alternative band I fell in love with is Coldplay. Way back in 2008, I heard Viva La Vida on the radio when it was brand new, and thus started a going on six year obsession (that sentence was horrible, I'm sorry). The Viva era is still my absolute favorite as well; all the songs on that album are amazing and I can't get enough of them. Muse came next, though I'm not as obsessed with them as I used to be.

Other bands that I've been listening to over the years include OneRepublic, Mumford & Sons (I saw them in concert, it was definitely one of the best nights of my life), Imagine Dragons, The Fray, The Killers, Fall Out Boy, The Lumineers, Neon Trees, Of Monsters and Men, Panic! At the Disco, and most recently, Bastille.

Bastille is like a mashup of Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, and I think that's why I love them so much. They're like two of my favorite bands compiled into one, except with their own unique sound. I can't get enough of them. If you like alternative, or if you like Imagine Dragons/Coldplay, I would definitely recommend Bastille to you.

So there's my music tastes for you. I think I'm done strengthening my journalistic writing skills for tonight. Maybe my next post will have a for real update rather than me rambling on and on about my favorite things. Have a brilliant night/day! Until next time!

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