Monday, March 31, 2014

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

Alright, well it's been awhile everybody! I actually have photography news for you all!

An organization in my town/school (I'm not sure which it is) is hosting a daddy-daughter date night, and guess who is the photographer? This girl! I get to take candid/posed shots of the daddies with their daughters, make a compiled CD, and make each daddy/daughter a CD of their own. AND I'm getting paid to do all of this!

It's my first paid "gig" and I can hardly wait!

Tonight was also the very first "Good Stuff" celebration at my school, and my journalism teacher gave me pretty much the whole presentation board all to myself. It talked about how I was going to WJMC this summer, and some of my photos were on display. I don't have a picture of it though, because the picture my mom took of it was pretty terrible (I definitely didn't get my photography gene from her).

Anyway, that's about it for now. I feel that it's appropriate to start counting down to WJMC, so maybe at the end of my blog posts, I'll write how many days are left.

Have a great last day of March/first day of April depending on your location!

-There are 104 days until WJMC-


  1. Replies
    1. BTW, what does WJMC stand for?

    2. It stands for Washington Journalism and Media Conference which is what I'll be attending this summer! I decided to start this blog because of it!