Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Did You Miss Me?"

It's been nearly a month since my last post, and so to show that I have not completely abandoned this blog, (because I haven't) I'm back! And I have made zero progress since my last post because the first club/organization I went to denied my request for financial aid, and I have yet to hear from the second. Despite this, I refuse to let myself be discouraged. (Personally, I feel the club that denied me was just taking it out on my family because they USED to be members...) Also, I'm still working on getting a job because I'm tired of taking all my mother's money. And school is keeping me very busy at the moment. In short, school, finding a job, and trying to get someone to give me some sort of donation, is keeping me away from this blog. I apologize profusely to whatever amount of readers I have (which I'm sure isn't many) for my absence, even though it probably went unnoticed.

Props to any Sherlock fans who got my title's Moriarty reference. I feel it fits nicely.

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